Trevor Dwyer wrote:

First off - what a find! SnakeIT and alll your related projects are superb.
You actually have created the system I have desired for a few years (or at
least pretty close).

I am exploring all the engines and love what you have done. I have been out
of action for the past few years and since returning to my passion and
research interests I have found many advancements in peoples' thinking or
more likely they have chosen to talk about them more :)

I designed the architecture and basic prototype for a similar search idea a
couple of years ago (before the dotcom boom) and even though I say so my
self I was excitied about the features and potentially how it might change
the search landscape for the better. However due to my lack of good
programming skills (My passion is SQL) and the huge lack of funding for
search systems which offered more than altavista the project fell apart.
That's not to say I have given up and when I discovered your SnakeIT engine
I got all excitied about the future of search again :)

Best Regards

Trevor Dwyer
SQL Server MVP
Voices of SQL Server